Kevin Hassett
Kevin Hassett

Karen PB: 5:54

Squat: 350

Deadlift: 380

Bench: 215

Placed 2nd in age division in my first Sprint Triathlon


CrossFit Level 1

NAUI Scuba Certified Diver

UMass Amherst Baseball '18


Kevin Hassett

Growing up I played soccer, basketball, and baseball. In college, I was fortunate to pitch for UMass Amherst where I got my first experience with a strength and conditioning coach. Those four years of training with the strength coach provided me with the experience that motivated me to find CrossFit after my time at UMass. Shortly after starting CrossFit in the summer of 2018 I decided to pursue a certification and obtained my CF-L1 in February 2019. The best highlights in my years of CrossFit are competing with friends in a Triathlon and various CrossFit competitions.